Turkey Drive & Vendor Expo

November 13th     8:30am - 3:00pm        RAIN or SHINE

Application & Space Information

Local shoppers have asked for a place to find fresh produce, antiques, collectibles, handmade products, plants, unique items, arts and crafts and many other items. Our clubhouse and grounds have an astonishing 6.378 acres to place all of our Farmer's Market and Flea Market vendors.

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Although we have ample space, it is limited. You must fill out an application to be considered. If you are approved, you will be notified. Farmers are given preference, used goods vendors are secondary. We like to receive interesting applications, especially with products we do not currently have (we try to avoid adding duplicate or similar items and prohibit duplicate MLM/DS vendors.) If we cannot provide space for you now we will save your information for the future.  We are not able to accommodate everyone.  Our Event Coordinator utilizes many criteria to decide on current participants.

Participants must understand that the CSRPOA Farmer's & Flea Market is providing space to display and sell their items. No guarantee is made regarding your sales. Event hours are from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. We are open in any and all weather, our customers come in all weather. You cannot leave until after 3:00 pm – customers may stay longer, you may sell until they all leave. If approved, you may set-up starting at 7:00 am, but not later than 7:45 am. Spaces are assigned by the Event Coordinator at the market on market day. If you arrive BEFORE 7:15 am or earlier, there is space to drive up to unload your vehicle. You must be assigned a space before setting up. IF you are allowed to drive in to unload, you should unload only (not set up display), set up display AFTER moving vehicle.

We do NOT have any electricity outside of the clubhouse. Any generator must be approved as part of the application. There is NO trash service, you must provide a customer trash container, AND take trash with you at the end of the market.

New Renters - Please make your payment only after you have been approved as a vendor for a specific Market Day with a notification from csrpoa.community@gmail.com.

You will then be assigned a space number after your payment is processed. Payment without approval does not provide you admission to CSRPOA's Farmer's and Flea Market as a vendor.

Payment Link

Starting place to find out if these events are a good fit for your goods / merchandise.

It is the Seller's responsibility to ensure they are able to sell their goods at these events.

Items that CANNOT be offered or sold during the CSRPOA Market Events.

Complete the Vendor Application and send it to csrpoa.community@gmail.com

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Who Sells at CSRPOA Farmer's and Flea Markets?

People starting a new business. People having a garage sale. People looking for another outlet for an existing business. People with hobbies they want to turn into income. Existing farmer's market merchants. Existing flea market dealers. Businesses wanting to move closeout merchandise without having to tie-up costly retail space. In other words, anyone with an idea, a product or creation who wants exposure to a large number of potential customers without high overhead and related expenses of most retail spaces.

Space Rental

Our spaces are available on per event, first-come, first-serve basis. There are spaces outside of the clubhouse and limited spaces inside the clubhouse.

Contact csrpoa.community@gmail.com to be added to the email list for space rental notifications.

It is the Vendor's responsibility to ensure product placement, keeping fragile items safe, setting up a clean and orderly area for maximizing offerings, crafting clear signage, and protecting items from the elements.

Sales Guidelines


The primary objective of the Farmer's & Flea Markets is to attract shoppers who buy antiques, collectibles, handmade products, plants, unique items, arts and crafts. Vendors must list on their application the specific products to be sold. CSRPOA Event Coordinator is solely responsible for determining whether the products sold are appropriate for this Market.

It is the sole responsibility of each Vendor to obtain and display in each space all certificates and licenses for products or services that are required by the State of Texas, City of Canyon Lake or other applicable authorities. Visit the Texas Comptroller’s website for rules, FAQs and to apply for a Sales Tax Permit (if applicable).


Items that are commonly sold at similar markets:

  • Fruits And Veggies

  • Gardening Products

  • Seasonal Specialties

  • Antiques

  • 2nd Hand Clothing

  • 2nd Hand Accessories (Men & Women)

  • 2nd Hand Jewelry

  • Yard Art

  • Handmade/Custom Jewelry

  • Custom Artwork

  • Unique Pieces of Art

  • Plants

  • Unique Clothing

  • CD's & Vinyl Records Etc.

  • Musical Instruments

  • Furniture/2nd Hand Furniture

  • Electronics & Cell Phone Accessories

  • Metal Artwork

  • Watch & Jewelry Repair Services

  • Children's Toys & Collectibles

  • Used Tools

  • And Much More!

Prohibited Items


In an effort to provide a safe, family-friendly environment the following items are prohibited for sale or give away at Canyon Springs Resort Farmer's & Flea Markets. Vendors/Sellers can sell anything that does not violate county, state or federal laws or is not on the CSRPOA Farmer's & Flea Markets Prohibited Items list. In limited cases they might be allowed only with prior approval from the CSRPOA Event Coordinator.

  • Firearms: Guns, ammunition, combustibles and/or explosives (includes fireworks)

  • Drugs: Drug paraphernalia & drug related merchandise

  • Obscene or pornographic materials: Visual or written pornographic materials, or other creations or images which, in the sole opinion of the CSRPOA Event Coordinator, are objectionable.

  • Counterfeit merchandise: Bootleg or Items bearing an established trademark placed on a product or service that is not one of the legitimate goods offered by the trademark owner.

  • Politics: All activities which promote political parties, candidates, agendas, or controversial and divisive issues.

  • Animals

  • Service Plans

  • Vacation Rentals


Additionally, vendors must obtain prior written consent from the Canyon Springs Resort Event Director for the following items:


  • Gambling: Games of chance or skill, raffles, lotteries or auctions

  • CBD: CBD related products

  • Pre-packaged food items

CSRPOA Event Coordinator reserves the right to restrict the sale or display of any items it deems not in the best interest of running an orderly market.


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